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Newport Beach Massage Therapy

Newport Beach massage therapy brings with it many advantages and important health benefits. It's a fact that Newport Beach massage therapy can actually help you maintain physical, emotional, and psychological well-being especially if a massage is received on a  frequent basis.
Massage is a popular regular wellness routine.
Massage maintain's your physical, mental and emotion well being.

The Health Benefits of Massage

  • Newport Beach massage can relax an individuals nervous system which then promotes a feeling of relaxation.
  • Newport Beach massage therapy can reduce anxiousness as well as tension resulting from stress.
  • Newport Beach massage tends to relax an individuals circulatory system thereby improving blood circulation and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to all the cells in the body.
  • Newport Beach massage therapy also works with the human lymphatic system allowing waste products to be removed from the body with greater ease.
  • Newport Beach massage also prevents muscle cramps as well as muscle spasms providing individuals with a looser feeling in their limbs.
  • Newport Beach massage therapy can also help control and manage pain stemming from things like arthritis, sciatica, and persistent muscle spasms.

Some individuals actually feel guilty about getting a massage and we encourage those individuals to remind themselves of all the health benefits that a Newport beach massage has. It's also important to remember that while the benefits of a Newport Beach massage are many, no massage should be considered a type of cure-all treatment. Massage will not work for those individuals who have a fever, any type of infection, inflammation, osteoporosis, or other serious medical conditions. Therefore if an individual is unsure about whether or not a massage is right for them the best course of action to take is to speak with a Newport Beach massage therapist before making any final decisions.

Types Of Newport Beach Massage Techniques

  1. Swedish Massage Therapy

    Individuals who receive this type of massage therapy will see their Newport Beach massage therapist use long smooth strokes as well as kneading and even circular movements along with lotion or oil. Through these techniques the superficial layers of muscle can be relaxed and the process itself is gentle and warming. If you're going in for your first Newport Beach massage this is the one you want to try first.

  2. Hot Stone Massage

    In this type of Newport Beach massage therapy therapist will use hot smooth stones on different points of the body to loosen and warm stressed muscles and even balance energy in the body. Newport Beach massage therapists may also apply gentle pressure to the heated stones to give their patient extra warmth and comfort which ultimately leads to greater relaxation. This type of Newport Beach massage therapy is perfect for individuals who enjoy light massages but have tension in their muscles.

  3. Deep Tissue Massage

    This type of Newport Beach massage targets the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles. When you receive this type of massage your Newport Beach massage therapist will use slow strokes along with friction techniques in order to relieve chronically tightened or painful muscles. It can also work wonders for muscles that are subjected to repetitive strain, postural issues, or are recovering from injury. Individuals often report feeling sore for a day or two after a deep tissue Newport Beach massage.

  4. Pregnancy Massage

    Some people refer to this type of Newport Beach massage as a "prenatal massage". Additionally pregnancy massages are becoming extremely popular with expectant mothers making them one of our most popular. During a pregnancy Newport Beach massage therapists position and support a woman's body properly so as to remove any danger to her or her fetus. The pregnancy massage helps reduce stress, rid a woman of her aches and pains, helps alleviate anxiety and depression and decreases any swelling in the body.

  5. Sports Massage

    A sports massage is designed from the ground up to help athletes or those who engage in regular physical activity stay relaxed, recover from injury, and help keep muscles and tendons healthy.